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Billing Solutions

Easy and fast billing solutions for retail outlets.

Health Care Solutions

Software for Hospital, Nursing Home, Dental Clinics.

Accounts and Inventory

Account and Inventroy management software for small and medium scale business.

About Us

Some words about us

We are a team of hard working and result oriented people. Working for customer solutions for many years. Our success lies on customers hapiness.

For past few years we have developed softwares for various domains. Our products gives immense pleasure to our customers, when they found how easy and user friendly interface we have given to them.

We have delivered 50+ projects in Health Care domain.

We have delivered 20+ projects in Automotive Sales and Service domain.

We have delivered 25+ projects for Accounts and Inventory management.

After so much delivery we understand the basic need for a business. Our products are now enough intelligent to understand your business need. Lets configure the product as per your need without any hassle. Prepare your own reports yourself and use the products the way you want.

Take a look at our Products


Online Health Diagnostic Solution

Cloud based lab management software

  • Online solution for Pathology Labs
  • Online solution for Radiology Labs
  • Online solution for Pathology Collection Centers
  • Access your business anywhere and on any device
  • Manage multiple collection centers online
  • Pay as you use.

Pathology Report Printing

Pathology Report Printing Application provides simple and easy way to print pathological reports in attractive formats with handing of patient data, test details and accounts. A single application provides complete solution for small pathology lab


Pathology Lab Management

Pathology Management Application supports multiple lab and multiple locations with process management and accounting. Available in online and offline versions


Collection Center Management System

High end solution for pathology collection centers. One application can manage accounting and process management for multiple labs, multiple locations and multiple doctors.


Pharmacy Billing

Easy and user friendly billing application for retail and distributors. A package which provides inventory and accounting management solution for medicine trade.


Radiology Report Printing

Report printing solution for Ultrasound, X-ray, and CT scan


Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is featured with OPD, IPD, Radiology, Pathology, Pharmacy, Payroll with integrated accounting.


Auto Dealers Sales and Service

Sales and Service management solution for two wheelers and three wheelers dealers. Fast and easy solution for vehicle service solutions.


Auto Parts Billing

Fast and easy billing solution for auto parts retailers.


Restaurant Billing

Quick KOT generation and easy invoice creation solution for restaurants. Table order management and parcel order management makes it more powerful.


Jewellery Billing

Easy billing and powerful inventory solution for jewellery retailers. Integration with weight machine and webcam makes management of sales and purchase more powerful.


Cross Border Payments

Solution for a small south asian bank

Complete cross-border remittances in under two minutes.

  • Low-Cost 50% reduction in transaction costs
  • Near Real-Time 6-8 seconds average velocity of money
  • Multi-party authorization option
  • Data Rich End-to-end transmission of meta data
  • Irreversible Verifiable record of every transaction

e-Invoice Management

Solution for a medium size manufacturing company

Entire invoice management over blockchain network for faster and reliable sales process.

  • Automated and standardized way of storing and interacting with Invoices across the industry would enable companies to be more efficient and take safer decision
  • Blockchain stores only the proof that the information exists but uses more traditional data sharing technologies to communicate and protect the actual information only to those actors who need it
  • Speed up the processing of transactions
  • Nullify the occurrence of fraud
  • Eliminate intermediaries for holding money in a contract, while the funds flow from one party to another

Dispute Management

Solution for regional bank

Integrated Card Network, Merchant and Banks to manage disputes in blockchain

  • Card Network now handles B2C transactions with blockchains. A cardholder files a dispute. She claims that the merchant charged the incorrect transaction amount. The automated tool knows that Card network handles transactions with blockchains. There may be no merit to the dispute. It notifies the merchant on the Blockchian
  • Fortunately, the transaction was processed through a blockchain-based processor. The App then automatically extracts the compelling evidence. Along with the CVV code and other common pieces of evidence, the Blockchain extracts the Proof of Work that verified the transaction.
  • Card network views this evidence, and sees that the merchant adopted blockchains. This transaction is ruled as a valid transaction. Therefore, the dispute is rejected

Private Custom Blockchain build with simple JavaScript

Solution for an Indian educational institute

Built an decentralized blockchain network by using the JavaScript programming language. We specialize in detailed blockchain working under-the-hood

  • A proof of work algorithm to secure the network.
  • Hashing algorithms to secure the data within the blockchain.
  • The ability to mine (create) new blocks that contain data.
  • The ability to create transactions and store them in blocks.
  • An API/server that will be used to interact with the blockchain from the internet.
  • Hosting of decentralized blockchain network.
  • A consensus algorithms to verify that the network nodes have valid data and are synchronized.
  • A broadcasting system to keep the data in the blockchain network synchronized.

The whole process of storing, securing, and validating data/transactions on the blockchain using simple javascript.

Freight Industry Logistics Automation using Blockchain and AI

Solution for US based logistic solution provider

Customs Compliance is an important process during any (all) international shipment processes. Frequent changes in regulations, mean business needs to document regulatory compliance and demonstrate compliance to their business partners

  • Monitors Real-time Freight Capacity
  • Detects Fraud and prevent Theft
  • Multi-party authorization option
  • Smart Contracts Cut Costs And Eliminate Middlemen

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